Possibly the most neglected area of vehicle maintenance – The Braking System.

As the MOT test does not include a specific brake inspection, it is essential that the Brake System is regularly inspected. Our Brake System Service is an integral part of our Annual Service or available as a stand alone Service if you have a particular issue.

R.J. Davies Motor Brake System Service includes wheel removal to allow thorough inspections of brake pads, discs, shoes & drums plus the hydraulic and cable operating systems as appropriate. Where necessary parts are cleaned & lubricated before reassembly and a road test is always included too. An Inspection Report is then completed to ensure the customer has a written record of the work undertaken & the condition of the items inspected. As with all our work Customer Consent will be requested before any repairs are undertaken.

Pleased be advised that most garage brake checks, including many Franchise Dealer Services, are literally that – A quick check to see if you need brake pads or shoes. Your brakes need to be SERVICED annually (i.e. Not only thoroughly inspected but where necessary cleaned, lubricated and adjusted).

Just call for us to provide a quotation on essential vehicle maintenance.

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